We have prepared a presentation of the parallel driving equipment for tractors.
You can see it by the link

Within the framework of the project of development of the equipment of parallel driving of agricultural machinery samples of the high-precision RTK receiver are developed and made. Tests have shown that the characteristics of the receiver at the level of equipment of leading foreign manufacturers.

The composition and expected characteristics of parallel driving equipment for agricultural machinery have been developed and agreed with the customer. The set includes a high-precision RTK navigation receiver, a steering device, an on-board computer, a tablet with a parallel driving program.

KB CENTER has launched a project for agriculture - the development of equipment for parallel driving of agricultural machinery. We plan to introduce this equipment on the market of precision farming equipment in Ukraine in early 2021. We hope that the long-term experience of "KB CENTER" in the field of navigation and electronics will be embodied in a quality and inexpensive product for farmers.